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Choices and Life

Every choice we make in life creates habits and conditioning , and the greatest conditioning is false pride.

– Radhanath Swami

This quote made me think about my habits, be it small or big, and I realized that all of us whether as a child or adult make various choices which had certain outcomes that gear up in a pattern or practice which results in our habits.

Pranam! sounds weird to few of you, right….because we have the habit of saying and listening hi, hello, hey..etc. But I love the traditions that I have grown up with. Many of you know its meaning, for those who didn’t; it is the humble greeting when we meet someone. See our habits, so different..han.

I am a learner. My love for writing brought me to the world of blogging. So, I am going to share my views on what can we say.. different colors that all of our life has…or at least mine.

That’s one of my choice of utilizing my time, what’s yours!

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Spirituality and Life

Recent studies show that most of the urban population in the world is becoming atheistic and unhappy but so are the pseudo-religion followers. Life is a gift given by divine or if you don’t believe in divinity then you may say the higher energy or nature or whatsoever name to someone supreme to us. But how can we even consider that a higher energy is existing, that too without seeing or touching or so?

For me it’s all about realizations and common sense. How? The answer is simple – There is a cause behind every single event or thing happening around us. A tree so enormous develops from mere a single small seed. Nature, who we humans think can control and exploit its resources, when shows its form as cyclone, tsunami etc. we are unable to control it in any way. Just as we cannot see our hunger but can feel as our body needs food for energy, the same way we, as soul, as energy, needs spirituality to grow and nurture.

Spirituality is a need in today’s world of chaos and stress. Rest is our choice…..No one, not even God is responsible for our deeds.

Life’s Dynamism

I have just completed my MBA and now enrolled in IGNOU for MA Psychology course as psychology is one of the interesting area I find and am curious about. When it comes to change in life, understanding the reasons for different reactions of different people about the same situation is one of topics I am curious about.

As you also must have gone through various changes in life, some welcomed while others forced upon. Why any change occur in life and why is there a need to get prepare to it? The answer is simple that the Universe is dynamic in nature and since we cannot control the rules of nature or universe, we have to either prepare self for the coming change or get frustrated when forced upon us.

These change may be positive or negative. How simple to say, ah! But difficult to understand and yet more difficult to face it. When these makeovers enter into our lives, they teach us important lessons to be used throughout our lives, one thing that is best with the dynamism. But when they make our life miserable, then? Changes may in our mood, mental disorders, job challenges, relationship issues, etc. How to deal with them? I think that when we will open our mind to future perspectives and things going around us, we can be able to estimate at least few of them or at least their intensity. This helps in dealing with them. For example, if someone has increased fights in a relationship, one can easily estimate that it is going to be worse or even affect adversely, to the people involved, their mental well being and emotionally too. So, taking necessary steps to tackle and solve issues through simple communication, trusting and caring genuinely for each other helps a lot in such case.

You have the power to accept the change and choice the way you use it. Changes may have its own success and failure but how we react is in our hands.

One day our lives will flash before us, we have to make sure that it is worth watching.

Keep Smiling.

Ethics and Life

Lately while searching for a research work, I came across information about ethics. I wondered if it’s needed today or is just like that thing.

Now, we all have certain parameters of right and wrong that means we guide our lives through few rules or code of conduct which are termed as ethics. For those who think that they live on their own rules are fools, why, because there are already set guidelines in our world either set by religions or parents or situations or anything else. So, if a person is under an influence of ,say, a habit of harming others and he thinks that without considering emotions of others he will be successful or live his life, that means his life is without ethics. Now, how can such a person live a life peacefully? No. We cannot gain respect by insulting others, right?

Why ethics are important, why morals are needed… It is so because one needs a life that’s having peace, love and satisfaction. We all do something for it gives satisfaction though its definition is different for all of us. One more question that comes to my mind is that whether following a religion is important to inculcate ethics or moral principles in life? The answer is that it isn’t compulsory but still helpful. Most religious people are what they say ‘God fearing’ so are involved in charity or other kinds of ‘good’ work more as compared to people who are not.

Every religion has its own set of ethics so one may choose whichever is related to one’s personality or thinking. I mean if we have choices among all good, we may choose best according to us. So if we all are searching the same thing from inside while gaining or loosing on outside world, why not take the road that is having at least road signs. Ethics are just like those signs on road that guide us through different ways, and it’s completely our decision to choose whether the right way and sign or ignore it.

Keep a focused eye on the signs that guide you towards right although it may seem to be rather tough and all the best for your choices because what makes or breaks you is all that you and only you decide.

Relationships and Life

Have you ever wondered what all it takes to be in a lifelong relationship with anyone? I did and a lot of times I ponder over the reasons for making relations and then preserving them, sometimes even dragging very few. But why do we need so or rather need to think so? Because we are humans and not animals and need to utilize and expand our emotional and mental arena. Sometimes we find people with similarities with us, other times opposites but it’s our perspective the way we keep the relation.

Now what all it takes to have a lifelong, ever blossoming and most reliable relation(s) in life? The answer is simple.

A beautiful everlasting relationship simply needs mutual understanding, trust and a little bit of heartily care with love, where sometimes or all the times persons or rather allies complements each other.

Even one fulfilling relation is far more satisfying than lots of social media relations that are useless. To me it is, what about you?

Whom to follow continued…

Yesterday I briefed about today’s blog, this is about certain usual subjects that we all face in our daily life but consciously or unconsciously ignore.

This is a brief about what I liked in Andrew’s ‘Follow your heart’:

  • There is no right or late time to learn new things and improve our life.
  • Difficulties are the seeds for success that prepare us to bring about important changes in ourselves we would have rather eluded. It is just a matter of our perspective that makes any situation an opportunity or threat.
  • Searching the primary reason for our failures or other things should be in the inner world rather than blaming others for it. It will not only give us peace of mind but also develop our mental and emotional capabilities.
  • If we want to have success in every step of life, it is important to be sensitive towards every experience we encounter in our daily life.
  • Discipline is an important ingredient for achievement or success but why? The answer is that Human life demands advancement, growth and development that is almost impossible without discipline. It is simply to control our mind for betterment. Now why we are afraid of it? It is because it seems to be difficult. But it is important to understand that it is a process and not the work.
  • Change is the law of life but why should we accept it? Because with challenges it brings many opportunities too. Since most of the time our focus is on challenges, we resist the change.
  • Most of our beliefs are either limited or pessimistic which confines our thoughts and actions, decisions and results. For example, when anyone says to other person that his/her voice is not suitable for singing, it is baseless, because voice is not something that can be good or bad but melodious or non-melodious and every voice can be made melodious by practice and training.
  • More appurtenances leads to losing the thing or person with whom we have too much affinity. So if one wants to have balanced growth in life, detachment has to be one of the priorities in life.
  • Optimism is important but why? Because it helps to maintain our focus on solutions rather than negative aspects in life.

In conclusion, it is important to be committed to discipline and positive aspects in life. It is better to forgive someone rather to hold negative impulse within ourselves. Love is the only thing that can solve any problem but we should have the ability to distinguish between what’s love and what’s infatuation and fondness because love don’t limit us but infatuation does.

All the best to follow your heart and be content with the success that’s made only for you.  


Whom to follow

Following our heart seems to be fairly complicated when comes to taking vital decisions in life because we are trained to take rational decisions that too according to our societal and family assertions. But in reality the opposite is true i.e. right decisions are always from our heart and yes it uses logic too.

Since I am great admirer of Vedic scriptures as well as positive and motivational writings, I have gone through many of them and have observed that life rules are the same everywhere.

Today I read the book  ‘Follow your Heart’ by Andrew Matthews and felt that I am revising the system of life that we all feel, have heard of and even practiced sometime. So in the next  blog post I will briefly write what I feel we all should apply in our life because these life tips are indeed simple yet awesome for our well-being and growth.

Devastation- Challenge to survive

Severe destruction or shock can simply be termed as devastation. But what needed is the instinct and persistence to survive. Devastation whether natural or man-made calls for unity in action and thinking. The way one can overcome it is just to let-go of the grief, guilt and forgiving self and others for every wrong. As every day comes after night, spring after fall so is the life that springs after devastation with more vigor and understanding.

So, keep yourselves aligned with life and it will shower with all opportunities needed for better present as well as future.

Happiness and Life

Ever wondered about the reason for difference between calm, peaceful, content kind of feeling and somewhat uneasy, anxious, agitated sentiment, both in our perceived happy times. Some are over excited at happy hours, others rather calm. Even we feel these contrasts at different times in our life on the same point that’s happiness. This dissimilarity is due to the degree of attachment and expectations we have towards others people, ourselves, our life, situations, and the list goes on and on.

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”- William Shakespeare

Sometimes I contemplate over such issues and think how can we humans carry the huge burden of expectations in our brief impermanent life. It results in despondency not only for own-selves but also for our loved ones. Remember whenever there are disagreements with your parents resenting both of you, serious arguments with your friends, clash of interests with colleagues, etc., how awful it seems to be. Now what can we do…. it looks like an unavoidable part…right? But there is a difference – such situations can be inevitable but our outlook can definitely change. So, what we have to do…the answer is controlling our expectations.

The question now arises of how can we cease to expect, it’s almost next to impossible….why there is a need to do this..etc.. Is it complicated? No, it’s not. It can be achieved by practicing detachment.

Now, many times people think of detachment and non-attachment to be same, but they are not. While non-attachment ignores the situation and is temporary, detachment is involvement in the situation while feeling detached from the results.

From detachment springs the seed of peace and perseverance that blossoms into a beautiful flower of everlasting true love and happiness.

Peace is the result of contentment for whatever life gives us and definitely brings happiness that’s permanent and not dependent on anyone or anything.

Whenever life seems to be partial, think of your body, many don’t have eyes or even body parts that you have; think of your education-you are reading this which means you have access to internet, many are deprived of even elementary education. There are many more things through which we can make ourselves satisfied. So be thankful to life for the gifts it has given to you. Always keep smiling and be happy.

Friendship and Life

Friendship..Isn’t it feels like a refreshing and rejuvenating air embracing ourselves in times of happiness or misery, childhood or adulthood and even in old age. As everyone and everything works in duality, it too go through hardships as well as good times. To me it is just like the delicate flower that need care, love, trust, patience, and a lot of continuous positively optimistic endeavors from the time of its seeding to blossoming. Then a lot more efforts to save it from withering away.

Sometimes we try to search friends from the ones that do not either take us for granted or really have no importance of us in their lives. But there are other categories also like the ones who think they are performing their duty as a friend, with a tinge of constant showers of their so-called love by making recall about how much they love and care their friend yet the other one doesn’t care. They are kind of people who tirelessly bombard with their emotional tortures and regularly show that the person is not worth their friendship still they are with them, always.

When our absence does not change someone’s life, then accept the reality that our presence has no meaning in their life!

Ah! really, they even don’t want to know what other feel like. Few are like making fool of themselves and others about what they actually think about a friend. You too must have encountered such so-called friends who will call you in their need but will be extremely busy at the time you need them most.

Anyways, if there are such morons, there are true friends too.

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.

William Arthur Ward

A True friend is so precious and hard to find. But I am lucky to have my dearest sweetheart friends that not only remind me of my achievements but always keep me on right track by making sure that I improve myself, keep up my good qualities and eliminate the bad ones. Whenever I go mad about something, they keep calm, understand me and act with love and care, just what I need at that time. One understands me completely, guide me through life paths, is just there whenever I am in need, is tough sometimes yet loves me the way I am. Other one whom I met because of him is a sweet little precious gift for me. She is tender-hearted, caring and one of a kind person who taught me to trust again. I love them.

Life is uncertain so are people, but worrying about wrong ones instead of real friends is a worse choice. Let the almighty guide us to be good to others as well as ourselves and every one of us have the blessed radiance and grace that be with us in the form of true friends.

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