Every choice we make in life creates habits and conditioning , and the greatest conditioning is false pride.

– Radhanath Swami

This quote made me think about my habits, be it small or big, and I realized that all of us whether as a child or adult make various choices which had certain outcomes that gear up in a pattern or practice which results in our habits.

Pranam! sounds weird to few of you, right….because we have the habit of saying and listening hi, hello, hey..etc. But I love the traditions that I have grown up with. Many of you know its meaning, for those who didn’t; it is the humble greeting when we meet someone. See our habits, so different..han.

I am a learner. My love for writing brought me to the world of blogging. So, I am going to share my views on what can we say.. different colors that all of our life has…or at least mine.

That’s one of my choice of utilizing my time, what’s yours!