Have you ever wondered what all it takes to be in a lifelong relationship with anyone? I did and a lot of times I ponder over the reasons for making relations and then preserving them, sometimes even dragging very few. But why do we need so or rather need to think so? Because we are humans and not animals and need to utilize and expand our emotional and mental arena. Sometimes we find people with similarities with us, other times opposites but it’s our perspective the way we keep the relation.

Now what all it takes to have a lifelong, ever blossoming and most reliable relation(s) in life? The answer is simple.

A beautiful everlasting relationship simply needs mutual understanding, trust and a little bit of heartily care with love, where sometimes or all the times persons or rather allies complements each other.

Even one fulfilling relation is far more satisfying than lots of social media relations that are useless. To me it is, what about you?