Lately while searching for a research work, I came across information about ethics. I wondered if it’s needed today or is just like that thing.

Now, we all have certain parameters of right and wrong that means we guide our lives through few rules or code of conduct which are termed as ethics. For those who think that they live on their own rules are fools, why, because there are already set guidelines in our world either set by religions or parents or situations or anything else. So, if a person is under an influence of ,say, a habit of harming others and he thinks that without considering emotions of others he will be successful or live his life, that means his life is without ethics. Now, how can such a person live a life peacefully? No. We cannot gain respect by insulting others, right?

Why ethics are important, why morals are needed… It is so because one needs a life that’s having peace, love and satisfaction. We all do something for it gives satisfaction though its definition is different for all of us. One more question that comes to my mind is that whether following a religion is important to inculcate ethics or moral principles in life? The answer is that it isn’t compulsory but still helpful. Most religious people are what they say ‘God fearing’ so are involved in charity or other kinds of ‘good’ work more as compared to people who are not.

Every religion has its own set of ethics so one may choose whichever is related to one’s personality or thinking. I mean if we have choices among all good, we may choose best according to us. So if we all are searching the same thing from inside while gaining or loosing on outside world, why not take the road that is having at least road signs. Ethics are just like those signs on road that guide us through different ways, and it’s completely our decision to choose whether the right way and sign or ignore it.

Keep a focused eye on the signs that guide you towards right although it may seem to be rather tough and all the best for your choices because what makes or breaks you is all that you and only you decide.