I have just completed my MBA and now enrolled in IGNOU for MA Psychology course as psychology is one of the interesting area I find and am curious about. When it comes to change in life, understanding the reasons for different reactions of different people about the same situation is one of topics I am curious about.

As you also must have gone through various changes in life, some welcomed while others forced upon. Why any change occur in life and why is there a need to get prepare to it? The answer is simple that the Universe is dynamic in nature and since we cannot control the rules of nature or universe, we have to either prepare self for the coming change or get frustrated when forced upon us.

These change may be positive or negative. How simple to say, ah! But difficult to understand and yet more difficult to face it. When these makeovers enter into our lives, they teach us important lessons to be used throughout our lives, one thing that is best with the dynamism. But when they make our life miserable, then? Changes may in our mood, mental disorders, job challenges, relationship issues, etc. How to deal with them? I think that when we will open our mind to future perspectives and things going around us, we can be able to estimate at least few of them or at least their intensity. This helps in dealing with them. For example, if someone has increased fights in a relationship, one can easily estimate that it is going to be worse or even affect adversely, to the people involved, their mental well being and emotionally too. So, taking necessary steps to tackle and solve issues through simple communication, trusting and caring genuinely for each other helps a lot in such case.

You have the power to accept the change and choice the way you use it. Changes may have its own success and failure but how we react is in our hands.

One day our lives will flash before us, we have to make sure that it is worth watching.

Keep Smiling.