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Relationships and Life

Have you ever wondered what all it takes to be in a lifelong relationship with anyone? I did and a lot of times I ponder over the reasons for making relations and then preserving them, sometimes even dragging very few. But why do we need so or rather need to think so? Because we are humans and not animals and need to utilize and expand our emotional and mental arena. Sometimes we find people with similarities with us, other times opposites but it’s our perspective the way we keep the relation.

Now what all it takes to have a lifelong, ever blossoming and most reliable relation(s) in life? The answer is simple.

A beautiful everlasting relationship simply needs mutual understanding, trust and a little bit of heartily care with love, where sometimes or all the times persons or rather allies complements each other.

Even one fulfilling relation is far more satisfying than lots of social media relations that are useless. To me it is, what about you?


Friendship and Life

Friendship..Isn’t it feels like a refreshing and rejuvenating air embracing ourselves in times of happiness or misery, childhood or adulthood and even in old age. As everyone and everything works in duality, it too go through hardships as well as good times. To me it is just like the delicate flower that need care, love, trust, patience, and a lot of continuous positively optimistic endeavors from the time of its seeding to blossoming. Then a lot more efforts to save it from withering away.

Sometimes we try to search friends from the ones that do not either take us for granted or really have no importance of us in their lives. But there are other categories also like the ones who think they are performing their duty as a friend, with a tinge of constant showers of their so-called love by making recall about how much they love and care their friend yet the other one doesn’t care. They are kind of people who tirelessly bombard with their emotional tortures and regularly show that the person is not worth their friendship still they are with them, always.

When our absence does not change someone’s life, then accept the reality that our presence has no meaning in their life!

Ah! really, they even don’t want to know what other feel like. Few are like making fool of themselves and others about what they actually think about a friend. You too must have encountered such so-called friends who will call you in their need but will be extremely busy at the time you need them most.

Anyways, if there are such morons, there are true friends too.

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.

William Arthur Ward

A True friend is so precious and hard to find. But I am lucky to have my dearest sweetheart friends that not only remind me of my achievements but always keep me on right track by making sure that I improve myself, keep up my good qualities and eliminate the bad ones. Whenever I go mad about something, they keep calm, understand me and act with love and care, just what I need at that time. One understands me completely, guide me through life paths, is just there whenever I am in need, is tough sometimes yet loves me the way I am. Other one whom I met because of him is a sweet little precious gift for me. She is tender-hearted, caring and one of a kind person who taught me to trust again. I love them.

Life is uncertain so are people, but worrying about wrong ones instead of real friends is a worse choice. Let the almighty guide us to be good to others as well as ourselves and every one of us have the blessed radiance and grace that be with us in the form of true friends.

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