Ever wondered about the reason for difference between calm, peaceful, content kind of feeling and somewhat uneasy, anxious, agitated sentiment, both in our perceived happy times. Some are over excited at happy hours, others rather calm. Even we feel these contrasts at different times in our life on the same point that’s happiness. This dissimilarity is due to the degree of attachment and expectations we have towards others people, ourselves, our life, situations, and the list goes on and on.

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”- William Shakespeare

Sometimes I contemplate over such issues and think how can we humans carry the huge burden of expectations in our brief impermanent life. It results in despondency not only for own-selves but also for our loved ones. Remember whenever there are disagreements with your parents resenting both of you, serious arguments with your friends, clash of interests with colleagues, etc., how awful it seems to be. Now what can we do…. it looks like an unavoidable part…right? But there is a difference – such situations can be inevitable but our outlook can definitely change. So, what we have to do…the answer is controlling our expectations.

The question now arises of how can we cease to expect, it’s almost next to impossible….why there is a need to do this..etc.. Is it complicated? No, it’s not. It can be achieved by practicing detachment.

Now, many times people think of detachment and non-attachment to be same, but they are not. While non-attachment ignores the situation and is temporary, detachment is involvement in the situation while feeling detached from the results.

From detachment springs the seed of peace and perseverance that blossoms into a beautiful flower of everlasting true love and happiness.

Peace is the result of contentment for whatever life gives us and definitely brings happiness that’s permanent and not dependent on anyone or anything.

Whenever life seems to be partial, think of your body, many don’t have eyes or even body parts that you have; think of your education-you are reading this which means you have access to internet, many are deprived of even elementary education. There are many more things through which we can make ourselves satisfied. So be thankful to life for the gifts it has given to you. Always keep smiling and be happy.