Yesterday I briefed about today’s blog, this is about certain usual subjects that we all face in our daily life but consciously or unconsciously ignore.

This is a brief about what I liked in Andrew’s ‘Follow your heart’:

  • There is no right or late time to learn new things and improve our life.
  • Difficulties are the seeds for success that prepare us to bring about important changes in ourselves we would have rather eluded. It is just a matter of our perspective that makes any situation an opportunity or threat.
  • Searching the primary reason for our failures or other things should be in the inner world rather than blaming others for it. It will not only give us peace of mind but also develop our mental and emotional capabilities.
  • If we want to have success in every step of life, it is important to be sensitive towards every experience we encounter in our daily life.
  • Discipline is an important ingredient for achievement or success but why? The answer is that Human life demands advancement, growth and development that is almost impossible without discipline. It is simply to control our mind for betterment. Now why we are afraid of it? It is because it seems to be difficult. But it is important to understand that it is a process and not the work.
  • Change is the law of life but why should we accept it? Because with challenges it brings many opportunities too. Since most of the time our focus is on challenges, we resist the change.
  • Most of our beliefs are either limited or pessimistic which confines our thoughts and actions, decisions and results. For example, when anyone says to other person that his/her voice is not suitable for singing, it is baseless, because voice is not something that can be good or bad but melodious or non-melodious and every voice can be made melodious by practice and training.
  • More appurtenances leads to losing the thing or person with whom we have too much affinity. So if one wants to have balanced growth in life, detachment has to be one of the priorities in life.
  • Optimism is important but why? Because it helps to maintain our focus on solutions rather than negative aspects in life.

In conclusion, it is important to be committed to discipline and positive aspects in life. It is better to forgive someone rather to hold negative impulse within ourselves. Love is the only thing that can solve any problem but we should have the ability to distinguish between what’s love and what’s infatuation and fondness because love don’t limit us but infatuation does.

All the best to follow your heart and be content with the success that’s made only for you.